Jonathan is receiving his 3rd Fresh Start surgery at our upcoming Surgery Weekend on July 13th & 14th. Jonathan is just two years old and was born with Apert Syndrome as well as other medical issues and deformities. Apert Syndrome causes craniofacial abnormalities characterized by an abnormal head shape, small upper jaw, a high-arched palate, and fusion of the fingers and toes. Jonathan’s condition impedes his brain development, his ability to walk, the use of his hands, and many other functions.

During Jonathan’s two previous surgeries he received reconstructive surgery focused on his hands performed by volunteer surgeon Dr. Chao. These surgeries have allowed his hands to have greater mobility, but he will still require additional surgeries in the future for his fused fingers and toes. Since becoming a Fresh Start patient just a year ago, Jonathan has also received an eye exam and many additional consultations and appointments.

This Saturday, July 13th, Jonathan will receive his most extensive surgery yet – a cranial surgery, fronto-orbital advancement, which involves moving the front of the skull forward to allow his brain room to grow and develop. The surgery will also reshape parts of his skull, and will include tube placement for his chronic ear infections. This will be Jonathan’s longest and most extensive surgery throughout his time as a Fresh Start patient and we are very grateful to have a very experienced neuro team performing the surgery including volunteers Dr. Cohen, Dr. Meltzer, and Dr. Magit. 

Although Jonathan will require more surgeries in the future, this case marks the beginning of a new chapter in his life – it will allow him to embark on a healthy and confident new life full of possibilities!

You can make this Surgery Weekend a success by sponsoring Jonathan’s medical care for his upcoming surgery! Just $5 sponsors his OTC Medicine, $10 sponsors Pre- and Post-Surgery Meals, and $40 sponsors his Pharmaceuticals. Visit our Gift Catalog for many others levels of giving that will provide a successful and stress-free surgery for Jonathan and his family – your gift will have an impact for a lifetime!


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