March 2012 Surgery Weekend Recap

Thank you to everyone who made the March 2012 Surgery Weekend a great success! Over the span of just two days, March 17th & 18th, Fresh Start’s dedicated volunteers provided healthcare services to over 50 kids including reconstructive surgeries, laser treatments, speech therapy, consultations, and much more. We treated children from Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, and of course many children from our local community of San Diego. Over the course of just two days Fresh Start provided:

  • 10 children with reconstructive surgeries
  • 13 children with laser treatments
  • 7 children with speech therapy services
  • 15 children received evaluations
  • 6 children received consultations

All of Fresh Start’s patients are now on their way to a brighter and healthier future thanks to Fresh Start’s dedicated volunteers, staff, and generous donors! Here is the story of just one patient who received a fresh start over the course of the March Surgery Weekend:


Carlos was born with fused fingers and toes known as acrosyndactyly, where the digits are fused together in a peak and, although the digits were initially separated during development, the digits re-fused together. Carlos’ family is from Mexico and, when Carlos was only eight days old, they filled out a Fresh Start application for their son after seeing Fresh Start on television.

Although Carlos had to wait until he was a bit older until he could receive his first surgery, on March 17th, at 13 months old, Carlos received his first reconstructive surgery on his hand from volunteer surgeon Dr. Chao. Overall, the surgery was a success and on Sunday, during his post-operative appointment with Dr. Chao, Carlos was a happy and cheerful infant! Although Carlos will require additional surgeries in the future for both his hand and foot, Fresh Start will remain by his side throughout his entire journey!

To see more photos of Carlos and many other patients from Fresh Start’s March 2012 Surgery Weekend, click here.


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